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Amateur Radio Station web Site




The Purpose of this site is to Promote

  Amateur Radio in Australia.

Develop Amateur Friendship, 

Technical Knowledge, & Communication Technology

"Keep Transmissions Digital"


( Any Ideas, Comments,  Articles, Pictures etc.  for this site, Please E-Mail them to me, the address is listed below,  just click on the link. )



Welcome to my home page.


My name is John, and the QTH is Tallangatta Victoria Australia.



WIA National Weekly Broadcast
VK1WIA Broadcast
VK3HJQ-L autoWIANEWSfeed Sunday's 10.00am AEST on *HAM* conference server

Victorian official broadcast frequencies

80m - 3615kHz
40m - 7085kHz
10.130 USB
VK3RML Mt Dandenong 146.700
VK3RMM Mt. Macedon 147.250
VK3RWG Mt. Baw Baw 147.225
VK3RMU Mt. St. Leonard 438.075

    Listen to the WIA Broadcast in MP3




Amendments to the Amateur Licence Conditions Determination

The Amateur LCD was recently amended by the


Radio Communication Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Amendment Determination 2010 (No.1)



Radio Communication Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Amendment Determination No.1 of 1997





Click here  Foundation Licence

Click here www.amateurradio.com.au




Check out the SSTV page below........




SSTVPALMultimode & EasyPal by Eric VK4AES 




Click on the links below for other pages

Disclaimer page

Albury Ham Fest 2000/2002 page

APRS page

Australian Internet Map page

CB Radio page

Downloads page

EMR page

eTrex GPS Hacking page ( eplugs & mobile linear/switching regulated supplies )

eTrex data cable wiring page ( Lots of other GARMIN eTREX stuff as well )

IRLP page ( Includes Albury / Wodonga & Wagga DTMF Node Codes )

Links page

News page

Old Tallangatta page  ( some history for you )

Packet page

Projects & Circuits page

Radio page ( some of my gear )

RT85 page ( RT85A & Exicom RT85C )

SSTV page ( MultiPSK by F6CTE, NBTV DNBTV by HB9TLK, DIGTRX in English by PY4ZBZ, SSTVPALMultimode & EasyPal by VK4AES, Tic Tac Toe [Naughts & Crosses] by VK3DNH, INTERACE & DIGIACE by G3ODQ

VK3RNE page ( local IRLP Node & repeater pics )

Wagga Ham Fest 2001 page

WIFI page ( 2.195Ghz MDS Grid Antenna to 2.4Ghz WiFi 802.11b/g Mod )



Area Repeaters - 147.000 -ve VK3RNE & 147.050 +ve VK3RHO



 IRLP Linking Hams in the 21st Century

Local nodes

Node 6260 on vk2rwg 2mts in Wagga Wagga

I monitor IRLP Node 9556, so give me a call





VK3HJQ 961564

VK3HJQ-L Node 1262 Downlink Freq. 145.400 Mhz Simplex 


 Monitoring  Echolink *HAM* Conference Server  69556 /  IRLP  9556

Give me a Call somtime.



For licensed hams, EchoLink opens up new possibilities for communicating around the world with other amateurs.  Your PC links you or your local repeater to any of more than 45,000 other stations over the Internet.


View Current Stations
Repeaters | Links | Users | Conference Rooms


*HAM* nets 

10.00am & 9.30pm AEST every day on the *HAM* Conference Server


EchoLink Nodes

VK3HJQ 961564  

VK3HJQ-L 1262

EchoLink HAM Conference Server

VK3HJQ-L Echolink Node 1262 145.400 Mhz Simplex Tallangatta



Welcome to the ANZEL Network


*HAM* 69556 Australia EchoLink Network Map




Latitude 36.12.82S   Longnitude 147.11.35E
736 Feet above Sea Level

Automatic Position Report System


vk3hjq-1 W1 (wide1-1) Emergency Digipeater

vk3hjq-9 APRS Tracker (APRSdroid/SmartBeaconing)

145.175 Mhz  1200bd



Coming Soon

On 433.775 Mhz SSTV pictures from a camera mounted at the VK2CPR-1 APRS Digi site

Just key your PTT once on 433.775 Mhz to activate the SSTV in Scottie 1 mode





Packet address:









 Web address: 





Now the Albury Wodonga Amateur Radio Club

Click here  http://www.tcrec.org




Click here http://www.wagga-arc.org




Click here    http://home.austarnet.com.au/phillipholland




First Contact

On my recent visit to the QTH of Alf's VK3CQE at Beechworth.

Below is a Shot taken of the Antenna system at the back of the 3CQE residence.

 The shot show John VK3HJQ with Peter one of my Harmonics and Alf VK3CQE.


ALF VK3CQE SK 1st March 2010




Frosty Morning

This shot below was taken early one frosty morning

at Alf's VK3CQE's, he must have been running a fair

bit of POWER, because the lights in Beechworth were dimming

every time Alf Keyed down, just LOOK at the







Simple 1:1 Balun

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view/print this PDF document on this page. 

If you don't have Acrobat Reader, download it from here:
Click here 







John vk3hjq


VK3RNE 70cm Repeater in Albury/Wodonga ( 439.425 Mhz ) Node 6380 & VK2RWG 2mtr Repeater in Wagga Wagga ( 146.750 Mhz ) Node 6260 are Now both running IRLP.   I monitor Node 6380 so give me a call sometime.   Check out the IRLP page for more info.   EchoLink Nodes in the Albury/Wodonga Area are VK2CPR-L Node 264395 on 146.450Mhz & VK3HJQ-L Node 1262 on 147.525Mhz Simplex, so drop in for a chat.


Site created in June 2001

Last updated 18th September 2022



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