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vk3rne 2mt/70cm Voice Repeater

2mts 147.000Mhz  -600Khz offset 

70cms 439.425Mhz  -5Mhz offset, IRLP Node 638


Pics thanks to Greg vk2exa

VK3RNE Tower on Mt Big Ben



VK3RNE Hut  (small brick building on the left)



VK3RNE 2mt Repeater (Philips gear in 19" rack mount)



VK3RNE 70cm Repeater Node 638 (Philips FM828)

No Picture available



Chris vk3kqu & the IRLP Node 638 computer & radio 



Rear view of the Node computer with the IRLP Controller Board fitted

( Note the IRLP Controller Board is sitting on top of the computer for Testing, normally it is installed in the computer )



IRLP Node Controller board

9 pin D to Audio & Radio connectors, 25 pin D to Parallel port connector,

 4 pin computer power supply loop connector & Linux Software





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