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Here are some photo's taken at the Local  Ham Fest in Albury by Alf  VK3CQE. (13/08/2000)




In the above and below pictures is myself John VK3HJQ

setting down operating Iphone (internet phone)

 and having my First Contact with W8ZCF Farrell in the USA, with John VK3LM looking on.





This image of myself John VK3HJQ was sent using IPhone from

 Australia to the USA and back again.


    Below are a few more Web Cam Images taken at the Ham Fest.


           VK3LM2.jpg (20327 bytes)       VK3CQE3.jpg (23249 bytes)       VK2AYM.jpg (18482 bytes)          

        VK3LM John            VK3CQE Alf            VK2AYM Bruce   

VK2EXA.jpg (20512 bytes)       VK3AQU.jpg (18859 bytes)       VK2TGS.jpg (21095 bytes)

  VK2EXA Greg         VK3AQU Ian            VK2TGS Brian

VK3CQE2.jpg (22108 bytes)       W8ZCF.jpg (22866 bytes)

  VK3CQE Alf            W8ZCF Farrell




Albury Ham Fest 2002


Pics thanks to Greg & Dallas (vk2exa & xyl) & Alf  (vk3cqe). 04/08/2002





The Riverina field day was held on the 4th of August this year in Albury at the Murray High School Kaitler's Rd Lavington and was very successful.






Front to back - Peter vk2zza & David vk3anp looking for some bargains


From left to right - The guys having smoko, Laurie vk3yle, Bruce vk2aym, Darrell vk3kln


Chris vk3cgb at the back checking out the ICOM stand


Peter vk2yx giving a talk on IRLP

From left to right - Nice hat shot by Alf vk3cqe of Alan vk2kaw & John vk2yw


Close up of peter vk2yx talking on IPLP

Peter explains,  "Take note of the 5 minute TX timeout, so you will have to keep the overs short ha Alf"


Geoff vk2xjg giving a talk on APRS


Barry vk5kxu at his display


ICOM display, some nice gear here



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Peter vk2yx IRLP Presentation

as seen at the Albury Ham Fest

Click here to download   IRLP_Presentation.pdf








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