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Site Updated: 5th October, 2022

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ANZEL Multimode Network

EchoLink *HAM*  69556, *AOTEAROA* 256883, *WALES* 485040, *MEGANETS* 637329, *SWDG* 676659, M17-432 H, M17-WAL H, M17-SWD H, AllStar 49903, 48820, 52284, IRLP 9556, FreeDMR Aust TG 50556, DVNZ D-Star XLX299-H, FreeSTAR System X DMR TG 50556, TGIF TG 50556, FreeSTAR Everywhere SIP Portal 499814 and Hamshack Hotline 94144

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ANZEL Multimode Network Admin Team

VK2DY Robert *HAM* EchoLink Conference Trustee

ZL4NORM / ZL4SY Norm *AOTEAROA* EchoLink Conference Trustee / Facebook Group

GW8SZL Dave *WALES*, *MEGANETS*, *SWDG* EchoLink Conferences Trustee / ICT / Web Site

VK3HJQ John Operations / News Broadcasts

2W0KYH Declan Official ANZEL Mascot

Email: admin@anzel.radio